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What Lash Lift Supplies Do I Need For Client Sessions?

What Lash Lift Supplies Do I Need For Client Sessions?

Are you looking to expand your salon services? Are you looking into lash lifts as a potential new treatment? 

That’s a great idea! 

Lash lifts are popular because they create glamorous eyelashes without any effort. For you, it’s also a low-maintenance process that takes around half an hour, depending on the client.

You’re probably here to learn what kind of lash lift supplies you need for a session. Say no more—we’ll show each lash lift tool and an overview of the entire process. 

9 Lash Lift Supplies for a Single Session

These 9 tools will create a smooth and relaxing experience for your client. Here’s each tool that is used, and how a standard session will typically go:

1. Lash Cleanser

A lash cleanser is for cleaning the eyelids and lashes of the client to remove any residue. Using a cleanser removes stubborn dirt, oil, and makeup on the client’s lashes. Proper preparation is key for a successful lash lift. Clean lashes will always lift better than lashes with buildup, so it’s best practice to clean your clients lashes before a lash lift service even if they came in with no makeup on.

lash cleanser

Our lash foaming cleanser cleans clients’ eyelids and lashes without harmful chemicals or irritating scrubbing. 

2. Eye Pads

Eye pads are put on the lower lashes and sensitive skin under the eye. This protects the lashes from getting glued too or mixed in with the top lashes. 

Make sure whatever type of eye pad you use is easy to remove for your client’s comfort. Our under-eye pads are filled with gel for the client’s comfort and provide an anti-aging treatment at the same time. 

3. Rods/Shields

Both rods and shields can be used for the same purpose: To create a lash shape. Each formation creates a different look:

  • Rods make either a “C” or “D” shape curl
  • Shields make an “L” shape curl

Both of these tools come in various sizes to suit every type of eyelash. 

If you have a concern about which tool is best for your customers, check out our free guide on rods and shields.

large lash curler rod

4. Lash Lift Glue

Lash lift glue is crucial to the entire treatment process, as the glue keeps the lashes in place as they take shape. Once the process is done, the eyelashes will stay in place after the rods or shields are removed. 

Our lash lift glue can be used for lash lifts and eyebrow laminations. The bottle is designed to let you have full control of the amount that comes out. No more messes! 

5. The Lifting Solution

The lifting solution restructures the bonds of the eyelash so they soften and can be manipulated into the client’s desired shape using a rod or shield. This solution stays on the clients' lashes for 4–7 minutes (depending on the client’s hair type) before being wiped off and starting the next step. 

Our lifting solution has Cocoa Butter, Biotin, and Vitamin B3 to help lift your client’s lashes without stripping them of needed nutrients. 

6. Neutralizing Solution

Using a neutralizing solution is crucial to the lash lifting process to keep the desired shape the client wants. This solution will usually be left on for the same amount of time as the lifting solution. 

Once the lifting solution is taken off, use the neutralizing solution. The solution stops the processing of the eyelashes so they don’t over-process, which can lead to tightly curled eyelashes or eyelashes that go in different directions. 

Our neutralizer uses Cocoa Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, and Horsetail Extracts to set and nourish the lashes. 

Applying neutralizing solution

7. Moisturizing Solution

Once the neutralizer is cleaned from the lashes, the final cream is the moisturizing solution. This keeps the eyelashes strong and healthy after the treatment. It’s similar to the special care provided to hair after perming or doing an extreme dye job.

The moisturizing serum is used to remove any excess tint and adhesive from the eyelashes and eyelids. This solution will also be left on the client's lashes for the next 24 hours until they are able to be wet them. 

By leaving the moisturizing solution on the eyelashes, this will allow the moisture and nutrients to condition and strengthen the lashes right after the service has been performed.

Our nourishing solution features Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid, Marshmallow Extract, Aloe Vera, and more to hydrate and revitalize eyelashes and eyebrows after the treatment. 

8. Lash Brushes

Lash brushes will be used throughout the treatment. They’re an easy way to apply lash lift products and shape lashes. Always have many within reach to avoid cross-contamination. 

There are many different styles of brushes, so experiment and see what works best for you and your clients. Our brushes are reusable and just need to be cleaned in hot, soapy water and soaked in barbicide before being used again.

9. Lash Tint (Optional)

Sometimes a client will ask for an eyelash tint while getting their lashes lifted. This won’t happen all the time, but it’s good to have some tint on hand for when it does. Most stylist include this in their lash lifting treatments. The tint needs to be applied between steps 2 and 3. The tint will darken eyelashes without looking too dark or messy. Here are a few other points to keep in mind:

  • You will want to only tint the lashes for 3-5 minutes while doing a lash lift. 
  • You will remove the tint the same way as the solutions (with a dry q-tip or disposable applicator)
  • Apply Step 3 as soon as all tint has been removed from the lashes. Step 3 will remove any excess tint and adhesive before removing the shield or rod from the eyelash.

Get Your Lash Lift Supplies From Beautiful Brows and Lashes

Not only do we offer lash lift products that are easy to use, but your clients will love them. Plus, we’re always sharing different techniques for brow and lash treatments.

We even put together starter kits for those new to the treatment. 

Browse our lash lift supplies today!

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