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One of the most commonly asked questions we get from lash stylists when performing a lash lift is, when should they be using a Lash Lift Shield or Curling Rod? We have created this in depth guide to better help professionals understand the difference between when a shield or rod should be applied to create the ultimate lift.

Match the Right Product With the Right Client

There are many different sizes and variations of shields and rods, so understanding the differences will help you create that high impact end result for your customers. As you know, not every client’s eye shape is the same! Let our Shields & Rods Guide show you what to consider when selecting a lash lift Rod or Shield.


Our lash lift Shields & Rods guide is specifically designed to teach you the 3 major factors in deciding which formation is best for creating the lash look your client’s will love. Learn the best tips and tricks, including graphics and examples, client eye shapes, shield and rod placement, best resources and products to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

What are lash lift rods and shields?

Lash Lift rods and shields are a soft silicone formation that are adhered to the eyelid prior to lifting and isolating the lashes into the desired position.

What is the difference between lash lifting Rods and Shields?

Lash Lifting Rods give more of a C/D curl rather than a lift. These are great for more mature clients who would prefer a subtle curl. Shields will create an L curl by giving a direct lift from the root of the lash. This is great for those clients with hooded eyes or skin laxity so the lash comes up and over the lid rather than into it.

Should I select a lash lift rod or shield for my client?

It totally depends on the client. This can totally depend on the type of lift or curl that your client is looking to receive. You will also find that the client's eye shape will also determine what formation is best suited.

How far up the rod or shield formation should the lashes reach?

The lashes should reach at least ½ way up the lash lift rod or shield to achieve a natural lift or curl. For a more dramatic lift or curl, you will want the lashes to reach at least ¾ the way up the formation. For more information, please email us at info@beautifulbrowsandlashes.us