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The Latest Innovation for Fuller, Bolder Brows

As a professional in this ever evolving beauty industry it can be challenging to find high-quality products that provide top tier results. After extensive research and testing Beautiful Brows and Lashes Professional has released a Hybrid Liquid Brow Stain! This stain creates a 3D Effect as well as adding definition and depth to the brow area. If you have been looking for a formula that provides full and bold brows, look no further, this product line is going to innovate your brow business!

HENNA-FREE Hybrid Liquid Brow Stains

Our newest product in the Beautiful Brows and Lashes Professional line is our HENNA-FREE Hybrid Liquid Brow Stains. This formula was developed to color the hair shaft, the root, as well as the skin, while also providing long lasting results. This is achieved with growth enhancing and naturally occurring ingredients that are also packed full of minerals, essential oils and antioxidants! This product is considered a tint as Tint is mixed with developer. Henna is usually a powder you mix with water. In addition, the Hybrid Liquid Stain has similar timings to tinting products whereas henna application times are typically 15-20 minutes.

Combining Brow Lamination and Liquid Brow Stains

A brow lamination in conjunction with a brow stain treatment is the ultimate duo that will leave the brows fuller, bolder and more defined than ever before! The traditional tint that is commonly paired with a brow lamination doesn’t quite meet the needs of some clients, as the tint is only meant to stain the hairs and they want a bit more depth or color to their brows. So, a hybrid liquid brow stain is the perfect alternative that will allow the skin beneath laminated brows to be stained for up to 10 days creating a more desirable look for those clients!


Why Do I Need to Use the Hybrid Developer with the Liquid Stain?

Our Hybrid Stain Developer was specifically designed to be mixed with our Hybrid Stains in order for the skin to stain beneath the hairs.

This developer also ensures the longevity of the skin stain and the best possible results! With added ingredients like panthenol and coconut oil the Hybrid Brow Stain works to create defined brows with long-lasting results

How Long will the Skin Remain Stained for?

This can vary from client to client as skin types and homecare play a huge factor in the longevity of the stain. With proper preparation and aftercare, the skin grab can last up to 10 days. It is important to note that clients with a AHA/BHA skin care regimen or oily skin, the results won’t last as long.

Why Do I Need to Exfoliate the Brow Area prior to Applying the Stain?

A vital part of receiving a long-lasting and intense stain is starting the brow service with a fresh and clean surface. Exfoliating the brow area prior to applying the stain will allow the “skin grab” to be successful. If this step is skipped, there could be residue or natural oils creating a barrier
for the stain.