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Lash Tint and Lift

The Ultimate Eyelash Tint and Lift!

Want to create the ultimate lashes for your clients? Choose lash tint and lift products with Beautiful Brows and Lashes. Forget about lash extensions for good with long-lasting, natural results that your clients will go crazy for!


What is an eyelash lift and tint?

 Do you need to know the secret of how people are achieving gorgeous eyelashes without lash extensions? The chances are, they’ve had a lash tint and lift. Beauty pros worldwide are obsessed with this innovative system, which uses a silicone shield and lifting solution to lift and curl the lashes. It’s the best way to enhance natural lashes, replacing the traditional perming solution, which wasn’t suitable for all eyelash types.

The best results come from undergoing a full lash lift and tint treatment. After a dye is applied, lashes look even more stunning. As a professional lash artist, you can help match the right tinting color to your client’s hair and skin tone, from natural and blonde shades to a striking blue-black look. 


How long does an eyelash tint and lift last?

How long a lash tint and lift lasts will depend on a variety of influencing factors. This includes the condition of the natural lashes, how quickly new hairs grow through, the quality of the products used, the lash lifting technique chosen, and whether your client implemented the right aftercare for at least 24 hours after the lash lift procedure. Usually, lash lifts last for about six to eight weeks, while the effects of the tint last three to six weeks. 

Do you tint or lift lashes first?

If your client has opted for both treatments, the tinting happens after the lifting process. You should only carry out this treatment if you are trained and certified to do so. However, a general overview of some of the key steps of the lash lift  are as follows.


Step 1: Lifting and setting solution

The lashes lift onto the shield, using a lash tool and bonder. This ensures a uniform look across the eyes. Then, apply a lifting cream (a type of setting solution) in small amounts – usually a third of the way up the lashes for a lift or halfway up to achieve a curl. This solution is applied with a micro-applicator. Processing times for each stage depend on the condition of the existing lashes.


Step 2: Neutralizing solution and tint

In this step, a solution is applied to the areas of the lashes where the setting solution was used, neutralizing any remaining lotion. It’s now that you can give lashes a color boost, by applying the chosen dye with a tinting brush. Once the dye has set (usually after 3 to 5 minutes), the excess tint is removed. If you buy the lash tints we supply, you’ll have a choice of five gorgeous shades – natural, middle brown, brown, blue-black, and deep black.


Step 3: Moisturize the lashes

While the lash lift process is over, you must do everything possible to keep the lashes hydrated. Therefore, in the third step, it’s advised you use a moisturizer serum. This helps to gently remove the lashes from the shield while giving them a final shot of goodness.

Each of the three solutions used in the lash lift process has beneficial ingredients in them to strengthen lash hairs, stimulate growth, and repair damage caused by a perming solution. Lashes should feel stronger, healthier, and well-conditioned.


Where can you get the lash lift and tint training?

If you’re looking for a professional lash lift certification, not only do we supply must-have products to beauty pros, but we train them too! Whether you’re a first-time lash artist or someone who’s building a successful lash business, we’d love to hear from you.

We have lash lift courses for you to join, including online sessions, giving you flexibility about where you learn. All our courses are provided by licensed professionals who have a lot of experience in the industry. It means they can show you the best lash lift techniques, including how to use quality products and how lash tinting works.

We also have other training which may interest you, such as brow lamination courses. Clients will often search for beauty services that can enhance lashes and brows, so it’s a smart idea to get certified in treatments for both. Luckily, the sachets used in steps 1 to 3 of the lash tint and lift  by Beautiful Brows and Lashes are also used for a Brow Lamination. Their tints can also be used in both areas, having been designed for sensitive areas such as lashes and brows.

If you are already licensed and looking to offer your clients the best lash tint and lift products around then we have you covered. Shop our wide selection of lash lift kits and tint products today!