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Brow Lamination Kit

Brow Lamination Kit

Would you like to get your hands on the best brow lamination kit? On this site, we supply Brow Bomb by Beautiful Brows & Lashes Professional, renowned for its long-lasting effects, easy application, and beautiful results. It’s the perfect way to give your beauty clients the brow shape they desire.

Our vast collection of top-quality supplies includes full brow lamination kits, starter packs, tint products, applicators, and more. Stock up on your pro supplies now.



What Is An Eyebrow Lamination Kit Used For?

An eyebrow lamination kit is used to redirect the shape of the brow hairs, solving several issues for your beauty clients. It works by lifting the brow hairs from their root to help them appear longer, filling out sparse areas for a fuller appearance. A bonding solution is applied to set the brows in the new shape required. The products used are different from a perming solution kit because they aim to straighten the hairs rather than curl them.

It’s a procedure that’s suitable for many different situations, including:

  • When your client is unhappy with the existing shape of their brows
  • For sparse brows, helping your clients grow out these areas
  • For anyone who wants to create a more uniform look across both brows

If you have a client who doesn’t like the direction of their brow hairs, they want to get messy brows under control, or they feel envious of the sleek look created by the treatment, this is the perfect solution for them. You should also let them know about the benefits of eyebrow tinting to enhance the results.


What Products Are Used For Brow Lamination?

When you invest in a brow lamination kit, you can expect to see the following essential items in the pack. However, always check what each kit contains, as it can vary between bundles.

  • Lifting Cream: The sachets of lifting cream are used to straighten the lashes, made from a mix of enriching ingredients.
  • Neutralizing Lotion: Each neutralizing lotion contains cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, licorice, glass microbeads, and horsetail extracts. 
  • Moisturizing Serum: Packed full of goodness, lamination kits contain moisturizing serum sachets with ingredients such as chamomile, marshmallow extract, and apricot extracts.
  • Bonding solution: The bonding serum adhesive is essential to help set hairs in the desired direction and get the shape of brows you want. 
  • Applicators: The kit contains fine Y comb tools to brush the eyebrows during the treatment, producing a precise finish.


Can You Tint During an Eyebrow Lamination?

While the lamination process can help to achieve uniform, full brows, if you want to create the ultimate look, using a tint is a great idea. An eyebrow tint is used to bring out the natural hair color more, adding even more definition to the eyebrows.