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Brow Bomb Advertisement Post Card

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This beautiful postcard will be emailed to you upon checkout for you to Download and Print at your own Leisure
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Express Shipping is a shipping option and the parcel will be shipped - same day if order is placed before 10am, or the following day if placed after 10am. It will be delivered between 1 & 2 business days. You can request a refund of your shipping from the Post Office directly if you have purchased Express Shipping and it has arrived late. 


If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return the unused items for a refund or exchange within 14 days from delivery. There will be a 25% restocking fee deducted from your refund. Please include a note regarding your situation and return all unused items in their original packaging to the address below.


Beautiful Brows and Lashes
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Please note we do not accept returns on used or wholesale items. If we believe your product has been used you will need to pay to have the item(s) shipped back to you. 

We do not refund postage costs or issue returns labels. If you have any queries regarding refunds/exchanges, please contact us via email at


Lash & Brow Bomb Questions

Where can I find helpful tips for using your products?

Join our fantastic forum on Facebook ‘Beautiful Brows & Lashes OFFICIAL Support’ which is run by our trainers and offers tips, pricing advice and construct criticism to help improve and perfect your lash lift and brow lamination practice!

How many treatments does each kit provide?

Each sachet can be used on up to 4 clients when stored correctly. There are 10 sachets in a box so depending on your usage, you can perform up to 40 treatments per box. 

What is the correct way to store opened sachets between clients?

Seal the sachet using micropore tape and place inside a ziplock bag. Good practice would be to write the date on the tape as oxidized solutions will last up to 7 days for treatments and patch tests. Remember to massage the sachet before re-opening.

How long must I wait to re-lift a clients lashes/brows?

You can re-lift your clients lashes/brows after 48hrs but remember to reduce your timings.

Can I sample your products?

We offer free samples for Brow & Lash Bomb which can be found here: Sample Packs.

Do I need to use bonding serum for Brow and Lash lifts?

Yes. Bonding serum is a necessary step to ensure the hairs are in the correct position and direction and to create a barrier. Remember to only apply a thin layer!

Can I use water to remove step 1, 2, bonding serum and tint?

No - water should not be applied for 24-48 hrs. The solutions are removed with step 3 during the final step of the treatment.

Can I use henna tint with lifting products?

The chemicals in henna do not combine well with any lifting solution. You must wait between 48 hrs and 7 days after the treatment to use henna depending on your insurance company and what they cover. 

Can I preform a brow lamination on clients who have previously had micro-blading?

You sure can! This gives an even fuller look.

Where can I find the ingredients list for your products?

These can be found here: MSDS.

Are your products vegan and animal cruelty free?

We use hydrolyzed silk which derives from the silk worm. However, we assure you it is cruelty free! 

Can I purchase client record forms and aftercare cards?

You can purchase hard copies of our client record forms and aftercare cards or you can purchase a digital download copy. 

Where should I patch test my clients?

Patch test the inner right arm with tint and the inner left arm with step 1,2,3 and bonder. Cover the patch with micropore tape and leave for 48 hrs. In some cases, clients may have a reaction to the tape rather than the solution, if this is the case re-test without tape.

Where can I find advertising materials?

You can download posters and postcards to display in your salon here.

Can I see or share some before and after photos?

We love seeing our customers lash lifts and brow laminations so please tag us on instagram using the hashtag #babesofbbusa. Give us a follow for before & after lash lift and brow lamination pictures @beautifulbrowsandlashesus


My order says it has been delivered but it has not arrived?

USPS often updates the tracking system before the package has reached its final destination. We recommend waiting a few days to see if the package turns up before getting in contact with us. We also advise contacting USPS with your tracking number to check your package has not been left with a neighbor, at a front desk or in a safe place.

How do I claim for a lost/stolen/damaged package?

If you purchased shipping insurance with your order, you can file a claim for any package which you believe to be lost/stolen/damaged. Find the email sent to you from Route Shipping Insurance and follow the online instructions. 

When will my order be delivered?

We ship Monday-Friday before 11am. You will be emailed shipping confirmation but you can also log into your account and access your order history to find your tracking number.

Why is my FREESHIP175 Discount code not working?

This code is to assist in your large purchases. If you have already ordered sample packs and are ordering a full size package, please do not place sample packs in your order. If you are ordering other items and would like to try a sample of our Lash or Brow Bomb, please notify us and we will add this to your order.

In general - this code is not valid with other discount codes, free sample packs, UPS, or Pre-Order items. 


Do you offer online training?

We are working very hard to perfect our online training and hope to have it up and running very soon! We will inform customers who are subscribed to our email marketing when this is available. 

Do you offer practical lash lift and brow lamination training?

Our educators offer practical and virtual training and can be found on our website. Get in touch with the educator which best suits your needs to find out more information.

How do I become a Beautiful Brows and Lashes trainer?

We would love for you to become a trainer in Lash and Brow Bomb to help educate professionals in the US. Please get in contact via email if this is something which interests you! 

Orders & Pricing

What are my professional prices?

All prices on our website are as seen as we can only sell lifting solutions to professionals. We do have a range of products which can be bought at wholesale costs for you to upsell to your clients which can be found here: Wholesale.

Can I add to my order?

If you have forgotten to add a product to your order and your order has not yet been shipped, please email us and we will do our best to help you. 



A contraindication is a condition or factor that increases the risks involved in a treatment. It is important that you recognize a contraindication to prevent further harm to the client, yourself  and to prevent cross-contamination and infection. Any contraindications should be identified during the consultation.

Contraindications and Special Care (DO NOT PREFORM THE TREATMENT) 

    • If your client has an allergic reaction to the patch test.  
    • Cataract (a clouding of the natural lens in one or both eyes leading to decreased vision)
    • Cysts ( A dust is a lump of the upper or lower eyelid caused by obstruction and inflammation of an oil gland of the eyelid. )
    • Diabetic Retinopathy ( a medical condition in which damage occurs to the retina due to diabetes) 
    • Glaucoma 
    • Herpes Simplex 
    • Blepharitis ( An ocular condition characterized by chronic inflammation of the eyelid )
    • Hordeola/Stye/Styes ( A small collection of puss/abscess on the eyelid )
    • Skin Disease, Skin Trauma, Cuts, Abrasions, Burns, and Swelling in the immediate area.
    • Skin Disorders in the general eye area. ( Dermatitis, Xanthelasma, Syringoma )
    • Eye Infections ( Impetigo, Conjunctivitis )
    • Eye Inflammation ( Uveitis )
    • Recent surgeries around the eyes, head, or face.
    • Scar Tissue
    • Watery Eyes
    • Hypersensitive Skin/Eyes
    • Keratitis ( Inflammation of the cornea of the eye )
    • Cancer or those undergoing Chemotherapy 
    • Alopecia ( Loss of hair )
    • Trichotillomania ( Classified as an impulse control disorder )
    • Bells Palsy or any condition that makes closing or opening the eye(s) difficult.
    • Any disease/disorder that causes shaking twitching or erratic movements.

Contraindications and Special Care (REQUIRES A DOCTORS REFERRAL)

    • Pregnant & Brest-Feeding
    • Recent Lasik Surgery 
    • Dry Eye Syndrome
    • Glaucoma
    • Post Chemotherapy
    • Vitamins/Hormones 

Further Contraindications for Clients Comfort

    • Claustrophobia
    • Hay-fever/Rhinitis
    • Contact Lenses
    • If using collagen eye pads during the lash lift treatment please ensure the client has no previous history of reacting to collagen or the ingredients in the eye pad. In this circumstance opt for micro tape instead of the collagen eye pads.
  • Contra-actions - A contra-action is a reaction after a treatment has been preformed. If a client was to suffer from an allergic reaction post treatment even though a patch test was carried out prior to treatment, this would be a contra action.  If this were to occur, apply a cool compress to the skin to reduce redness and irritation. If the reaction continues the client would need to seek medical advice from a medical professional.